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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mechelle on the Fever's hot-streak:
Personally, I thought this Fever effort – a 67-53 win over Connecticut on Thursday – deserved more than a “whoop-de-do.” Maybe a “yee-haw” or something. Hey, I drove all the way from Kansas City to see it, so that’s at least worth a yee-haw, right? The Fever is atop the Eastern Conference and its 7-2 record is the best in the WNBA.

This is a team that lost its first two games and then, in its third game, lost veteran post player Yolanda Griffith to what we assume is a career-ending Achilles injury, although she hasn’t officially said that. Griffith had announced this would be her last go-round before the season began, but considering the injury, there’s speculation that she may opt to go out in a better way than this. As it is, she remains a strong personality for this team.

The Fever still won that game against the Storm on June 9. Then came wins against LA, Detroit (twice), New York (twice) and now the Sun. Thursday’s game plan was to try to control the game inside, and it worked behind 14 points/14 rebounds from Tammy Sutton-Brown, an overall dominance on the boards (42-29) and a kind of momentum that even the Fever’s opponents can sense.