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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Well there was some bad news and some good news at the Garden last night.

Bad: The Lib were playing the Fever. We hate playing the Fever.

Good: Carson scored!

Bad: There was no Christon in the line-up. And then there was no Loree. And then no JMac (who, injured back or no, really looks like she'd rather not be playing basketball this season, thankyouverymuch).

Good: The Lib stayed close! (Which might be Bad if you're Indiana)

Bad: After fighting back to tie the game at 59, fumble-fingers and low basketball-IQ took over.

Said the Post:
The Liberty committed 18 turnovers and showed exactly why they won't be in the WNBA playoffs this year during last night's 69-63 loss to the Indiana Fever at the Garden.