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Friday, December 04, 2009

The all-but-omniscient Mechelle Voepel has that Rhodes Scholar information I was asking about. From the 2009 Final Four program:

It fits with Lindsay Whorton’s self-effacing personality that she tells you that soon after learning she had received a Rhodes Scholarship, she got lost trying to get back to a parking garage.

Even though this was in Des Moines, Iowa, the city where she’d spent four years attending Drake University.

“Now, in my defense,” she says, with wry humor, “I’d never been to that building before. There was supposed to be a way to the garage through a skywalk. But I couldn’t find the skywalk. So I just went out and walked all the way around the building until I found it. I was a little disoriented.”

Understandably, considering what she’d just accomplished.

“It’s kind of stunning,” she said. “Overwhelming.”

Florida State football player Myron Rolle received a lot of publicity when he recently won a Rhodes Scholarship. But Division I women’s basketball also can boast of an Oxford-bound standout in Whorton, who finished her career at Drake in 2008.

“Myron Rolle is a great example -- just the way you saw the media frenzy for him,” Whorton said. “It is shocking to some people to prioritize academics over an opportunity to play professional athletics, which he has."