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Thursday, April 01, 2010

From John Walters at Fanhouse: Geno vs. Mulkey: One Attractive Matchup
Like the Huskies, Baylor has won a national championship in the past five seasons (2005). Like Auriemma, who just recently turned 56, Mulkey, 47, is an obsessive overachiever who backs down from no one (more on that later). Whereas Connecticut is in the midst of the longest win streak in women's NCAA history -- 76 games -- and seeking a second consecutive national championship, Mulkey was the cornerstone of a Louisiana Tech team in the early '80s that won back-to-back national titles while winning a then-record 54 consecutive games.

Like the 6-4 Charles, this season's National Player of the Year, Griner, 6-8, will soon be -- if she is not already -- the most dominant player in women's college hoops.