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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Jackass of the Day: Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune columnist. Who tuned in to one game (Penn State-Notre Dame), decided it was boring, and tuned out the rest of the tournament. Who says that women's sports are struggling.

Women's tennis: not struggling. The sport has suffered a little in the last year with the Williams out, but they're on their way back. The level of play is higher than ever. Over that past several years, the women's side has been better and healthier than the men's.

Women's golf: not struggling. In fact, doing the best ever. Annika is an international icon, and the Big Wiesy is on the way.

Women's soccer: struggling, sort of. WUSA gone, but might be back. (Plus, this is soccer after all. What percentage of Americans even know what "MLS" stands for?) Below the pro level, the game continues to grow dramatically.

WNBA: struggling a little, but on the right track. Overall, not profitable, screwed up early expansion strategy, but some franchises (Lib, Mystics, Shock) are doing great, and others (Storm, Stars, Sun) have great prospects. Most importantly, the best rookie class ever is on the way.

Women's college hoops: not struggling. Attendance and ratings way up this year. New levels of parity. One of the most exciting tournaments ever. Will be tough to replace this class of seniors, but the Future is Here.

Other women's sports, hockey, softball, etc.: not struggling. New and small, but growing like wildfire around the country.

Oh... I should really stop responding to this stuff. But I'd just like this guy to take a trip to Minnesota right now (or even just buy a Minneapolis paper) and tell me how women's sports are struggling. And I'd just like an explanation of why major media outlets continue to publish this misleading and vacuous bullshit.