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Monday, September 06, 2004

The Kedra Holland-Corn situation is the icing on the cake. Van Chancellor has to go, as coach and general manager.

It is no secret Van has been searching for a point guard like Kim Perrot since 1998. Ukari Figgs was the closest player. Yet last year, Chancellor ran Figgs out of town and out of the league. He then picks up Sheila Lambert, whose game is completely different from that of Perrot and Figgs...more scoring potential, more volatility, and much less consistency.

Look at Full Court Press' All-Olympic Team. Chancellor waived two players who made the Second Team, Mfon Udoka (21.8 points, 10.2 rebounds at the Olympics) and Amaya Valdemoro (18.9 points, 39% from three in Athens) Think they might have helped off the bench this year? He also waived Tynesha Lewis, who has been a great backup in Charlotte, scoring 6.7 points in 17.9 minutes per game. Incidentally, only three Comets players currently average more than 6.7 ppg.

And while waiving talented players, Chancellor inexplicably held on to non-contributors Kelley Gibson and Octavia Blue, and occasional contributor Tiffani Johnson, much to the ire of the fans and message board posters.

No one complained when Houston was winning. But it is time to face reality: "No Coop, No Ring." Houston has been unable to win a playoff series without Cynthia Cooper. Yet the team was still competitive, thanks to Sheryl Swoopes and Tina Thompson.

What kept Houston as a contender, however, was Janeth Arcain, the glue that held the entire franchise. Arcain could play any perimeter position. She was able to provide whatever was needed (scoring, defense, point guard play, rebounding, assists, leadership, etc.). Off the court, the Comets were not as appreciative of what Janeth did as they should have been. Without her, the Comets are in sixth place in the West, despite having two starters from the U.S. Olympic Team. It is no surprise that attendance is down as well (only about 7900 fans per game).

The franchise needs revitalization, fresh life, and a boost of energy. A new coach and a new GM (suggestion...not the same person) to replace Van Chancellor need to happen first.