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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Frequently in college basketball, the coaches are bigger stories than the players. Yesterday and today, much of the media attention has focused on Pat and Geno.

The press has been fixated on the rift between Summitt and Auriemma. At yesterday's news conference, both were asked several questions about it.

When asked about their relationship, Pat said: "We really don't have a relationship. We coach against each other. I don't have his cell number. We don't talk. We speak before and after games. That's it."

She went on to say that this state of affairs has been chosen by Geno. It is, she said, "a situation that Geno worked very hard to create. At one time, I thought we had a pretty good relationship. I don't know why it went south, but it certainly has."

When Geno was asked the same question, he said it's "irrelevant" unless you're writing for People magazine. He said that Pat was initially friendly to him when UConn came on the scene, but things changed as the Huskies kept winning.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. I've waivered between thinking (a) that they're just pretending to generate press, (b) that Geno's mostly at fault, (c) that they're both equally at fault, and (d) that it doesn't really matter. I still can't decide which is true.

Taurasi may have offered the best assessment: "It's silly. At some point they are going to get past this. They are the key to women's basketball and it would be nice to see them get along."