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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Voepel defends Holdsclaw, says it's none of our business, hopes she'll be back next year.

For the record, although Chamique isn't one of my favorite players, I'm basically in agreement with Mechelle on this.

I believe that Mique has a real medical condition (that she's not just mad at Adams or WS&E), and that she has a real reason for keeping it private. She's not totally immune from criticism for the way she's handled this -- she did, after all, publicly criticize her teammates' commitment to the Mystics, only to leave the team a month later without saying why. But in certain circumstances, the decision to leave and to keep the reason private would be totally justifiable. Until I hear differently from someone who actually knows, I will assume that such circumstances exist here.

It seems like it would be best for all involved for Chamique to come back with a different franchise. But whether it's with Washington or another team, the important thing is that she comes back happy and healthy. Even if you cheer against her, you have to recognize that the league is better with Holdsclaw on the court.