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Monday, May 12, 2008

More about Sokolove: the magazine cover, and the subtitle on that cover, were pretty indefensible (and pretty condescending too). I hadn't seen the cover when I linked to the piece (that's the marvel of Web-only previews). And I wish Sokolove had spoken with grownup women athletes who have come back from ACL tears, rather than just with teens and their worried parents. (Maybe his book has a Q&A with Katie Smith.)

On the other hand... if his article causes more parents and coaches at the junior high, high school, and club levels to learn about appropriate warmups and other injury-prevention programs-- thus reducing future ACL injuries, without reducing participation-- won't the piece have done more good than harm?

Speaking of good: Voepel is back, with a good league-wide preview, one graf per team. (On the other hand.. she's pretty snarky about the Lynx, isn't she?)