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Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a weekend! Between yesterday (Saturday) and today, we had a much-hyped, and genuinely neat (I was going to say "cool" but it was hot out) public event; a televised game that felt like a closely-fought playoff, with well-matched veterans and a one-possession finish decided by clutch play; an overtime game with a loss for the league's most hyped stars; and two big wins for the two teams we almost always support.

Alas, the big event, the Liberty's outdoor game, was a blowout loss for the home team, as Indy-- confounding everyone's expectations-- won on the basis of superb outside shooting, and the Liberty looked worse than they have all year. Q says rightly that the event was a success, but the basketball game was all kinds of failure: it's just as well that in order to watch it remotely, you had to have MSG or NBATV.

Also, the big wins for the teams we support weren't on national cable TV at all. We'll try to bring you Connecticut's win tomorrow, along with the other two Sunday games (the stories we like to link mostly aren't up yet).

For now, I'm happy enough to record Minnesota's big upset in San Antonio, where the Silver Stars fell to 12 and 2 at home. Augustus shot as well as she has all year, at one point sinking 11 field goals in a row; Big V and Candice had useful stat lines too (Ohlde, not so much). "We fed off our post players and found our spots," said the ever-affable Seimone. Coach Zierden was gone for the weekend with pneumonia; assistant coach Plank gets credit for the win.

Also not televised: L.A.'s overtime loss. The Sparks got to OT on the unlikely story of a Lisa Leslie three-pointer: did you know that she has made 119 in her WNBA career, shooting almost 32% from long range? But Michelle Snow scored 20 to Lisa's 16; both Houston and Los Angeles ended up with more turnovers than assists.

And in Saturday's least surprising result, the Mercury manhandled the Dream in Phoenix. Diana and Cappie combined for 38 points; neither played much more than half the game.