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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jayda takes note: New coach Jennifer Gillom leaving her stamp on Lynx
Los Angeles forward DeLisha Milton-Jones had to say something to Minnesota Lynx coach Jennifer Gillom.

Milton-Jones had just experienced a flashback during L.A.'s recent loss here.

"The first thing she did was congratulate me on the job I was doing," Gillom said of the conversation. "The second thing she said was, 'Oh my God! I thought I was seeing Jennifer Gillom all over again on the court when I saw Nicky [Anosike]. She's got your move down pat.' "

Well, there's one piece missing. The kick at the end of Gillom's patent turnaround jumper.

"Thank God," Milton-Jones told Gillom. "Cause you used to kick me all the time.