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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You may have noticed that "All-Access" has been a little less than "All" or "Access."

Just wanna say, if I (or any stage manager/production stage manager) did my job so poorly, I should get my azz fired. Did no one run glitch checks? What on earth is pre-season for?

And yah, while it's nice that there's a "ooops, SO sorry we screwed up" message somewhere on the .com, a business truly interested in quality customer service -- a business who understood the interent -- would have sent out an email blast to every single email they had on file.
1) I would have found out about the "sorry we're working on it" from the W, not a helpful fan
2) If I DIDN'T know about "Semi-Live, Semi-Access" I would have learned about it.

Let's see if they can fix this puppy. And fast.
(told ya the Loree Moore jersey bribe wouldn't work. and didja think I wouldn't notice she changed her number this year???)