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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A little over a year ago when we started this blog (yes, you missed our blog birthday -- but we'll accept belated gifts), the biggest story in women's basketball wasn't UConn or Duke.

It was Toni Smith.

She was the player at Manhattanville College who made national headlines by refusing to face the flag during the national anthem.

She recently gave this interview looking back at her protest and the reaction it caused.

Although it was billed in the media as a war protest, in Toni's mind, it had more to do with her belief that the flag represents the slaughter of her ancestors (she is part Cherokee). Toni also tells how only two of her teammates really supported her, while several others tried to make her life "a living hell."

Toni now works as a mentor in New York City. She says she has no regrets.