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Monday, May 24, 2004

The Arizona newspapers have provided excellent coverage of Diana Taurasi and the Phoenix Mercury. Now, there is a new feature on the Arizona Rebpublic's web site entitled "Taurasi Time," which tracks her season highs in various statistical categories, as well as providing some background about Diana's impact in Phoenix.

Another article in the Arizona Republic...the Mohegan Sun Casino, its no sport book, and its off limits policy regarding the CT Sun players.

Indiana Fever attendance was about 6,400 last night. Not only is that bad for a Sunday game, it was bad for the Washington-Indiana matchup, which I discussed in one of my May 23 blog entries. Coupled with Indiana's 8,000 opening night crowd, the Fever looks to be (along with Charlotte) one of the Eastern Conference franchises that looks to be in trouble. In a basketball frenzy state like Indiana, this is unacceptable. Time to retool the marketing department...