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Friday, May 28, 2004

From the Blog mailbag:

They should sign Cathy Joens (California kid) instead of giving Ticha
emergency shooting lessons

The two guard position is one of the easiest ones to fill because there are so many available (in contrast to point guards and centers. Joens had some good games with the Liberty, but she was cut. Some question her athleticism, but my Lib friends assured me that Joens deserved a roster spot over Erin Thorn.

The Monarchs re-signed Edna Campbell, Lady Grooms, and Ruthie Bolton. All three have been tremendously loyal to the franchise (and Grooms and Bolton have been there forever), but lets face it...none of the three is likely to score more than seven points per game on the season. The Monarchs should have made a trade for a younger shooting guard (remember Anna DeForge?), but they did not.

Joens would not be a bad pick up. And she is in much better shape than Guiliana Mendiola.