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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Sunday, May 23, 2004

RobC agreed with me regarding the lack of offense, also commenting that the lack of consistent scoring is a reason for low attendance. Rob's other suggestions:

- 48 minute games, instead of 40
- 50 game season

I agree about the length of the games. I also believe the games should have quarters. As it stands, the WNBA rules are so similar to the collegiate game. 48 minute games with 12 minute quarters would be a good start to differentiating the two.

As for the season length, the WNBA executives have previously commented it is too difficult to have a much longer season as football will eat into attendance and will provide media competition. But is there that much crossover between the fan bases? Personally, the league could expand to 40 games and eliminate back-to-back games while still playing between May and September.

And the league REALLY should look into scheduling as many games as possible on Friday and Saturday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The weekday games do not typically draw well in most cities.