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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(ed. note: The following post was delayed by American football, rantings vs. the NYTimes and inconvenient jobs. It was reinspired by Justine.)

In honor of the Australians winning World Championship gold, the following is an All Aussie, All the Time post.

Aussie! Aussie Aussie!

Oi! Oi! Oi!
"We have worked very hard for this for a long time. To actually be holding a gold medal now is just unbelievable," Lauren Jackson said.

"It is the best thing that has ever happened for women's basketball in Australia.

"We were standing on the gold medal podium and the Americans were getting the bronze medal, so it was nice.
The Storm blog gracioiusly sends out its congrats, there's video of the post-game celebration available (and check out this wild shot of the Aussies), and Mechelle Voepel gives the Aussies full credit.

Post-game stories gave MVP Penny Taylor her due, and she talked about the game's progress. Coach Jan Stirling's triumph over turmoil was celebrated, and the team was honored for capturing the Holy Grail. Interestingly enough, Carrie Graf confirmed her interest in replacing Stirling in the future.

Of note, soon to be married Kristi Harrower's on-court battle during the 91-74 victory continued after the game was over. Seems she and a referee went mano a mano over the game ball. Stripes 1 - Unitards - 0. Hopefully her bridesmaids took good notes in preparation for the bouquet toss.

Today's Townville Bulletin has audio of Erin Phillips, and tells the tale of a happy and, now, healthy Lauren Jackson. Apparently Jackson became ill "whilst returning to Australia from Brazil." Some rebkellians, recalling their freshman year at college, wish the captain a quick recovery.

Fans of women's basketball might be a bit more concerned about the fact that LJ muttered something about "retirement... gold... Beijing Olympics." Seems to me that's reason enough to cheer for anyone BUT the Australians snagging Olympic gold.

While the hometown heros try and enjoy the moment, their victory was hailed as a giant step forward and the start of a new world order. It has also sparked mutterings about Australia hosting the 2010 Worlds (road trip!). There's also talk of a "pay to stay" program to keep Aussie players home and dominant.

Not so fast with the talk of domination, says the legendary Michelle Timms. While the US's aura of invincibility may be over, she expects the US to be ready for bear come 2008.

It sure will be an intersting couple of years.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!