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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another one of those "firsts" last night.

It's been eleven years since Pittsburgh beat Rutgers, and last night they needed overtime to do it, escaping with a 61-53 win at the RAC.
"This was a big win for our program," said Pitt coach Agnus Berenato, "We have so much respect for the Rutgers program and its tradition."
A season that started with high expectations has turned into one of frustration for Epiphanny Prince.
"Everything is catching up with us," Prince said before leaving the postgame press conference early and visibly upset. "We're playing 40 minutes every night. We didn't have enough energy to take that extra step to contest the shots. We didn't have that extra energy to hit the shots at the end."
Coach Stringer isn't playing her freshmen and sounds a bit at her wit's end.
"(In) some of these instances, we're just out of our league," Stringer said. "We got to do some assessing whether or not they should be playing Division 1 basketball here."
Interesting choice of words, considering RU is playing a Division III team tonight.