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Thursday, February 26, 2009

If you are "of an age" you'll remember the great the 1971 Fram Oil Filter campaign with the tag line "Pay-me-now-or-pay-me-later". The idea was that if you spend a little bit of money on maintenance now, you might save a huge amount of money, replacing an entire engine, later.

It's not a bad life philosophy. And it might be a little mantra that communities who resist compliance with Title IX might want to tattoo on their forehead. As the Title IX blog points out:
This is the situation that Ramona school district has found itself in. Parents sued the district in 2007 arguing that the softball team was not receiving equitable treatment under Title IX. The district has built a new field with amenities comparable to the baseball team--under the order of a federal judge. But the bigger cost--larger than the $200,000 on said field--is the court order to pay the legal fees the parents incurred, around $350,000.
If you add the district's legal fees, I'm guessing the lawyers etc got $700,000. Ykes!

Dudes and dudettes -- discrimination sucks. Do the right thing.