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Monday, February 23, 2009

Perusing the Polls:

NJCAA: The top four teams are still undefeated and unchanged: Jefferson, Central Arizona, Midland and Walters State

NAIA Division II: A familiar name -- Morningside -- sits perched. and undefeated, at #1. Ohio's Shawnee State is also undefeated and is at the two-spot.

NAIA Division I: Well, yowza. Union and Vanguard are, of course, top dogs... but Union has actually LOST a game. And Vanguard has lost THREE!!! Parity prevails? And I'll mention Freed-Hardeman at the fifth spot because I have a soft spot for'em. Here's why.

Division III: Illinois Wesleyan is undefeated and #1. Quelle suprise! George Fox from Oregon is #2 and has instantly become my favorite team name (sorry, ye Stormy Petrels -- and don't think I don't see you at the four-spot!). Do you know what I really want, though? Georgina Fox College to be a top contender -- 'cause then the men's team would be the Georgina Fox Bruins. Are there such teams?

Division II: Those "cranky with the NCAA/Orange beaters" from Anchorage are top seawolf, followed by Fort Lewis College, Minnesota-Mankato, Northern Kentucky (that's what two losses will get ya, you Norse), and then Hillsdale College (MI).

I'm going to give a shout out to the #23 University of District of Columbia -- you may not have a vote in Congress, but you do have votes in the D-II poll.

And yes, I see you, Ravens of Franklin Pierce!

D-I: Huskies, Sooners, Tiggers, Cardinal, Bears. Hmmm.. everyone sing with me -- one of these is not like the others...and will probably drop come next poll.