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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sometimes I wonder at the criteria used to determine ESPN's "Headlines" on the women's basketball page. Right now the list looks like this:
Stringer, Cooper among Hall of Fame finalists
'Hoops For Hope'
Former Comets coach Thompson sues
Maryland Finally cracks top 10
Central Michigan sues
Convicted stalker arrested
Storm brings back Burse
Mercury coach travels to Russia
Summitt signs contract extension
"Out of date" and "Police blotter" are the terms that come to mind. I mean, where's the result of the big Stanford/California match-up?

If you missed the game, or were on the East Coast battling a cold, you'll want to know that Cal had a 4-point lead at the half, and then only scored 19pts to Stanford's 40. Ooops. Not the kind of showing that Coach Boyle's going to want to write home about.
"We had a real lack of focus from that 14-minute mark on and that's not something I've seen from my team this year," Bears coach Joanne Boyle said. "You have to always feel like you have to go take something from somebody, no one's ever going to give it to you. And to think that you can take it in 25 minutes, it's not going to happen against a great team."