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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Charlie offers up some best/worst case scenarios for all the teams. A sampler:
Oklahoma City
Worst case: Panthers coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke's request to make this a one-on-one game between the coaches is squashed. Oklahoma shows up in the right city and on time. Prairie View loses the opening tip, and that's the best thing that happens all night.

Worst case: Tennessee plays its best first half of the season, and the game is out of reach at the break. Such a guilt trip has been laid on Ball State about being there that the Cardinals call Bowling Green and ask whether the Falcons want to play the second half instead.

(9) UTAH
Worst case: The game is so slow that ESPN starts to track time of possession. Mike Patrick refers to three straight baskets by Utah as a 6-0 walk. Ultimately, the NCAA officials on site make a rash decision at halftime. All the Maryland fans in College Park are getting restless, so it is determined that instead of the teams playing another 20 minutes, Kurz and Warburton will just play one-on-one to decide the winner.

Worst case: The team that lost to Pacific and and Idaho twice shows up, and by late in the first half, Boyle already has instructed one of her assistants to leave the bench and begin watching game tape on Virginia and Marist.