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Saturday, March 07, 2009

We've actually found time to watch some conference tournaments, and might be reacting to them tomorrow, even (unless Helen blogs them all first)-- right now, though, I've got a question for both all our well-informed readers.

This week the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award (not to be confused with the regular Naismith Award) went to UConn's Renee Montgomery.

According to the WBCA's description, the award goes to the outstanding Division I senior in women's basketball less than 5'9" tall who exhibits certain other admirable personal characteristics. Past winners include Becky Hammon, Jen Rizzotti, Purdue's Erika Valek (whom I really liked), Helen Darling, Niele Ivey, and Megan Duffy, making Notre Dame and UConn two of the only three schools with two Pomeroy Naismith award winners in history.

The third school is Johns Hopkins, where Angie Arnold became the second award-winner in 1998.

But Hopkins has played since the early 1990s in the Centennial Conference, whose NCAA teams usually compete in Division III. Indeed, Hopkins has never appeared in the DI tournament.

So what's up? Were DIII players eligible for the Pomeroy Naismith award in the 1990s? Did they make a special exception for Angie Arnold (who certainly seems exceptional) and for the earlier JHU player who won that award? Did the rules change in some other way? (I know that I shouldn't really care about that sort of thing, but by that standard, should I really be blogging at all?)