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Saturday, April 04, 2009

At ESPN, all the regulars pick UConn over Stanford, but split on UL vs. OU.

Voepel truly hates that she has to make picks: "if we are supposed to be impartial," she asks, "then why do something that can be interpreted as appearing we have a favorite?"

UConn has already beaten Oklahoma and Louisville, but the last time the Huskies played Stanford, they got canned.

The Courant's Altavilla asks, looking back to 2008 and 2002: are Sunday's semis "the real championship game"? (It is, perhaps, a UConn-centric question. Will Husky fans Sunday cheer for UL, or OU?)

At the SF Chronicle, Michelle Smith gives us Jayne Appel, sorority girl, and another look at how this year's Cardinal differs from last year's Wiggins-led team.

"This is a very insecure team," says coach TV. "Not in a bad way. But there are a lot of people on this team who feel like they have something to prove."