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Monday, April 06, 2009

From Stu at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Yow's legacy impacts Final Four
An urgent phone call sent Ina Wiggins scrambling to Reynolds Coliseum, where she arrived to an unsettling sight in February 2007.

North Carolina State coach Kay Yow was lying down, stretched across several chairs with an ambulance en route, while her team continued running up and down the floor under the direction of assistant coaches.

The school planned to dedicate the court in Yow's name the next night. But she was about to be whisked to a local hospital as the cancer in her body delivered another punch. As Wiggins and others had come to expect, Yow punched back.

St. Louisan had profound impact on Yow's life
Laurie Moore-Skinner met Kay Yow in 1975 while she was working for Campus Crusade for Christ and Yow was in her first season as the women's basketball coach at North Carolina State.

The native of Richmond Heights was instrumental in leading Yow to life as a born-again Christian. The world discovered the depth of Moore-Skinner's impact on the beloved coach when she became a focal point of the video Yow recorded for her own funeral.