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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Full Court's Thompson and Michaelson join the crowd opining that any team able to beat UConn, or to beat Stanford, should beat either OU or Louisville Tuesday night... and then they tell us, plausibly, that OU vs. Louisville should be lots of fun to watch, though the Paris sisters and their supporting cast should win by double digits.

From St. Louis's daily paper comes one neat preview article per team, starting with one about Ashley (not Courtney) Paris.

Also from STL: coach Walz has built UL's Final Four squad around transfers and others who never expected to go there.

Tina Charles is as much fun as any post in the country to watch, but she still has a big question mark inside. Geno speaks frankly: ""The biggest challenge that I had was to make her see that, inside of [Charles] is the best player in the country. Has the light gone on? Yeah, I'm sure it has. But ... you've always got to have your hand ready to put it on the switch, because it could go out at any time."

Stanford's Jeanette Pohlen is a gym rat who never expected to be a point guard. Iowa State coach Bill Fennelly, whose team lost to her team last round: "She can do whatever she needs to do, whenever she needs to do it... She never forces a shot. She never gets tired. She runs their system almost perfectly. She is someone you have to defend."

Finally, and admirably, Kathleen Nelson at the STL Post-Dispatch considers three athletic mothers and daughters to show what Title IX has, and has not, done.