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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pat Griffin reflects on "Training Rules," the documentary about Rene Portland's "no lesbian" era of Penn State women's basketball, that was just previewed.
The documentary also calls attention to the entire women’s collegiate basketball coaches’ community. They knew about Portland’s “training rules” yet their silence about Portland’s rule was complete. To the contrary she was honored twice by the WBCA as Coach of the Year. How are we to understand this reaction? We can only hope that the bravery of Jen Harris and the other former Lady Lions featured in Training Rules encourages coaches to reflect on the cost of their silence to young women’s lives and moves them to choose a different response in the future to prevent the egregious abuse of power tolerated at Penn State from ever happening again.
Looking to the future, Griffin offers proposes a new "training rule" for all sports:
"No bullies, no bigots, and no bystanders. It has a nice ring, don’t you think?"
Sure does.