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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seems Alysa Auriemma (daughter of Geno) has been bloggin'! From her latest:
Someone on the boards at the Boneyard called my father classless for not hugging Tina Charles at the end of the game yesterday. First of all, how dumb are you if you expect all of your life's approvals to be complete with a hug. And second of all, Dad did something better than a hug for Tina.

As we touched down at Bradley, my father received a call from President Obama, something that is standard protocol when you win the national championship. We had been waiting for this call since the game ended, especially Tina because she's in love with the guy. Dad made his way to the back of the plane as he chatted with the President and got to where the team was sitting so they could hear him, and the girls crowded around him practically buzzing with excitement. As the conversation wore on, Dad said, with a smile, "I think the person who you should talk to is our Final Four MOP." And with that, he passed the phone-and the President of the United States-to the person he did not hug at the Final Four-Tina Charles. You can call my dad a lot of things (I've called him an idiot about three times today and that's a light day) but he will never not be classy and you can't ever argue that with me. Of course, I'm his spawn, so I don't know if it's a fair fight...
Now, about that call -- the AP reports that President Obama is a big ole meanie:
"Gibbs said the president praised Charles for a great game but kidded her about what happened on the two shots she missed."
Just how far is Chicago from Philadelphia?