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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jane Schonberger, who runs Pretty Tough, writes in response to yesterday's questions:

"The site’s mission is to promote girls and women in sport and to empower readers to feel beautiful because of their incredible athletic abilities.

"PrettyTough.com was established as a voice for girls who kick butt on and off the field, the track, the slopes and elsewhere....

"The site is not specifically meant to promote Liz’s books, however the books (published in association with Penguin) are certainly an extension of the brand in that they represent one of the few examples of YA books targeted to sporty girls."

Schonberger also runs Women Talk Sports, a a well-designed and very busy site with a blog aggregator, a Twitter aggregator, and its own feature bloggers. It has almost the same design elements as Pretty Tough, but it's got a very different, no-nonsense look, and an intended audience of grownups: I like it.