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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lisa Leslie and coach Cooper prepare for their final season (so they say) in the WNBA. Both veterans remember the ignominious playoff finale from '08: "We made it so much harder than it had to be," LLL says.

Leslie will have spent her whole W career in Los Angeles-- and Lauren Jackson, by the time she retires from US pro ball (her Australian pro, Euro and Olympic careers will almost surely last longer than her W stint) will have spent her whole W life in the Evergreen State. LJ tells Jayda that the fan support helped convince her not to sign anywhere else.

Want more on her return? See the Storm Defense blog, and a big long interview with Pelton (who else?) at the official Storm site.

In other Storm news, Scowlin' Brian Agler looks for Storm fans in Washington State, but outside Puget Sound... in Kitsap, to be exact. He finds some, too.