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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Season's starting, so let's start complaining about the officiating. From the New York Times: Officials Consistently Inconsistent.
There are complaints from coaches and players about a lack of consistency, an unevenness in the application of the rules and lack of coordination among officials. These are not new complaints, just persistent and unresolved grumblings that encourage perceptions that the N.B.A. is a scripted league — a league with calls for stars, calls for the regular season, calls that change from game to game and from possession to possession.
Wait. What? From official-WNBA-complainers, I understood that the way to solve all our problems would be to import the NBA officials.

Now I'm confused. 'Cause if fans and coaches from other leagues complain, does that mean officiating in general is a more complex issue than, "It sucks! It's an embarrassment to the women's game!"