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Thursday, May 21, 2009

See, it's NOT just me! Some comments from the Women's Sports Blog on Media Day (More at the site):
Hi y'all. So the league webite is so incredibly stupid that they are adding new photos to the beginning of the gallery, which in turn screws up the numbering of everything down the line. I am trying to keep the links up to date but it's an uphill battle. A snarker's work is never done. -FL

Why is this shot here...oh. The W's PR machine: almost a self-parody.

Bringin' back the 19th century, one pose at a time.

"She did it." "Yes, I did it. And it was awesome."

Sophia is under the impression she's auditioning for a spot on Rock of Love.

"We thought we'd go for the old, tired look. How's that working?"

"There's an angelic vision on our sneakers! It's Joseph Smith!"

"Want the Yankees to lose the pennant this year? Have I got a deal for you."

Just shield your eyes, people. As her design business goes down in flames.

Hmm, we've got a woman posing, can't imagine anything else to do.