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Monday, June 08, 2009

*Cue: Processional trumpet-type like music*

Announcer: I believe I see movement... Yes, I believe they are on the way. The rose petals are falling, the anointing oil has been distributed, the Donna is prepared.. and yes, here they come, the Los Angeles Sparks, heirs to the WNBA crown.

Oh, look, there's Lisa Leslie waving to the crowd!

*Cue: Violin-type like music*

And here it comes, the trophy, gently drifting from the skies to land so perfectly in #9's hands. She's reaching up for it... reaching up... and... What the hell?

*Cue: Sound of needle dragging across record. Cue: "Welcome to the Jungle!"*

Announcer: (in the background) Hey, gimme my mic back!

Deanna Nolan (The WNBA trophy in her left hand, mic in her right): Helllllllloooooooo Detroit! The Shock. Are. In. The. House!

Announcer (Mic restored): Yes, well... Oh, Coach! Coach Laimbeer? Any comments?

Coach Laimbeer: Sure. Just want to remind everyone -- We've got Tweety and you don't. And Katie ain't done.

*Cue: graphic*