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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Freep's Perry Farrell catches up with Alex Chambers’ three-week, 13-city trek around the WNBA.
The journey is in memory of his friend Cyndee Luque, who died of breast cancer last April. When Luque died: “That’s when it really hit me,’’ said Chambers, a Phoenix resident and an avid fan of the Mercury.

“The WNBA does a great job of breast cancer awareness and this is my way of honoring Cyndee and the work the WNBA is doing. The league has been a tremendous supporter of breast cancer awareness and I want to do my part.

“They’ve been great as far as helping me get with personnel in the front offices of the teams I will be visiting so I just don’t have to walk in as a stranger. I got to set near the team bench and I got a chance to meet Rick Mahorn.’’