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Thursday, June 11, 2009

From Mechelle for Yo: "Here's to your perseverance."
How to define this career? Remarkable perseverance. In fact, that’s how you’d define Griffith’s life.

Her numbers went down in recent seasons, of course, yet she was still a valuable veteran presence. It was strange to see her in a Storm uniform last season, and stranger still to see her this year in the Eastern Conference, playing for Indiana.

But that’s not how we’ll remember her as a player. We’ll always see her in our minds as a Monarch.

Griffith was, at her WNBA peak, as tough a post player to stop and to score/rebound against as there was. No WNBA championship team has been as blue-collar as Sacramento, which won the title in 2005, and no one better symbolized that than Griffith.