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Friday, June 05, 2009

From Mechelle: What a season we should be in for
Lisa, Yo and VJ are farewell touring. LJ is back where she feels she belongs. Claw gives it another try. For these sagas and more, tune in for a "very special" WNBA season.
Sure, there are reasons you could be blue. Aren't there always? The league lost Houston last year. There are rumblings about Indiana's needing a big attendance boost (or else) this season. Roster cuts down to 11 are painful. The economy is doing its havoc dance with everything and everybody.

But even taking all that in, this really is a special season for the league. We're talking big, big picture here. It's a season for the historical record. It's the last hurrah for some of the greats of the game, such as Lisa Leslie and Yolanda Griffith -- one more chance for the young, rising stars to play side-by-side with them or against them.