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Monday, June 08, 2009

Notes from yesterday's Lib/Sun game:

Clearly, the Lib had a bad case of paint allergy. The symptoms were obvious: an inability to drive to the basket and a irresistible urge to chuck up threes. End result? Connecticut emerged victorious.

Highlights of the game?
  • Watching Whalen play.
  • Watching Phillips and Mini Mi Mitchell go at it like Spoon and Debbie Black.
  • Watching the Timeless Torches and mascot Maddie (holy cow, in a sleek spandex thang that had everyone laughing like hyenas. If the number is not at the ASG, the Donna should retire.)
  • Watching the fifth addition in to the long line of improbable shots made by improbable players (In calendar listing):
1) Spoon "The Shot."
1a) 'cause I don't think it was as visible to the rest of the W: Tari Phillips' three over Kara Wolters during the LIb's improbable comeback from 18 or so down mid-second half.
2) Bethany Donaphin v Shock
3) Erin Thorn v Shock (and Connecticut)
4) Jessica Davenport v Mercury
5) Leilani Mitchell v. Connecticut (And I'm disappointed in you YouTube mavens!)
You want more, read Queenie's fabulous *cue reverb* "Game Notes of Dooooooom!"

ps Since Queenie didn't make not of it -- what was with the pole dancer at the beginning of the game? Just a TAD disconcerting!