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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Over the years, the rosters of the W have been dotted with players boasting "unexpected" resumes. Add Union's Josephine Owino to the list.
Owino didn't play in either of the Mystics' two preseason games, but general manager Angela Taylor said the staff saw Owino's potential in the 20 preseason practices.

"We took a flyer on her and drafted her because of the highlight package we received from (Campbell)," Taylor said. "Once in camp, she was a solid scorer on the low block, a dynamic rebounder, and has an impressive presence in the paint."

Taylor said Owino's two NAIA titles also intrigued the Mystics because they were looking for players with a winning mentality.
Readers of this blog will remember the story of the Union team, the NAIA championship they won and the tornado that all but wiped out their school.