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Monday, July 06, 2009

Just in time for thoughts on ideas for the All-Star Game comes this article from Nancy Armour of the....Canadian Press? WNBA's originals leave league in good shape

The opportunities for female athletes were so minimal back then it was no wonder Lisa Leslie had modest expectations when she first heard about the WNBA. She envisioned a summer league, with games in small gyms and players wearing reversible jerseys.

"When I saw our locker-room was the same locker-room that Magic and Kareem and James Worthy had once come out of, I was just overwhelmed with the possibilities," she said.

Critics gave the WNBA little chance when it began, predicting it would join the WBL, ABL and soccer's WUSA on the trash heap of failed women's leagues. Even the support - and the deep pockets - of the NBA wouldn't be enough to make it relevant.

Now here it is, 13 years later. Leslie is the league's all-time leading scorer and last of its founding stars and, as she prepares to say goodbye, the WNBA is not only surviving but thriving.

Now about those ideas for the ASG:

1) Remember the Comets!

Invite Van to visit. Contact Tammy, Janeth, Wanda, Fran, Yolanda, Tiffany, Cynthia and Sheryl. Grab Tina. Show video clips of Kim. Interview the greats... walk'em to center court. Say, yes, it totally, totally sucks that we lost the Comets. But, their legacy is clear -- they laid the foundation for this league, and we are committed to always remembering who they are and what they did for the WNBA.

2) Honor the retirees

Yo's injured. Lisa's missed a hunk of time. New York missed VJ due to a family tragedy. Give us all a moment or two or three to celebrate them - with their presence AND great video.

3) Share the All Star "Get out the Vote" videos.

I understand the teams have an in-league competition. Let us see! Let us vote! Build league/team/fan ownership!

4) Everybody Dance Now!
Bring up the Liberty dance troupe and make them do their opening game routine. Holy carp, that rocked the friggin' house. And Maddie (the BEST league mascot) in spandex? You'll never forget the sight. (In a good way)