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Monday, July 06, 2009

A little touch of insomnia let's us catch up on last night's games:

1) January's running three-pointer at the half (.com's Play of the Day) may have fired up the Fever, but it was Sutton-Brown's 22pts that carried Indiana to a 8th straight victory. This time, the victim was Atlanta,

2) Detroit fans got treated to a heck of a game, but that may be small comfort. Katie Smith said, "I'm not dead yet," loggin' 40 minutes and 28pts and Zellous made this Lib fan jealous (6-13, 7/8 on fts), but Erin Phillips dropped 6 in overtime to lead the Sun to a 95-92 victory. Oh, and new Sun member Sandrine Gruda made Coach T look brilliant, scoring 23 points.

3) Lots of fans, some hype (though the Breeze wants more) and, for most moms, a decent return for Candace, but she couldn't help the lack of Sparks speed and commitment to defense.

Phoenix lifted their run and run and gun offense to new heights in the second half and boom, it was a blowout. A blowout where four Sparks starters hit double figures. Phoenix simply had more scorers, and Bonner continued to make her case for mid-season ROY.

Oh, and game announcer? Diana's ability to stay focused and perform in spite of the DUI is a sign of her professionalism. NOT getting putting yourself in a position to get cited for DUI would be a sign of a professional.

Mechelle on the CP return:
Candace Parker's return to the Sparks on Sunday night in Los Angeles ended up having some unexpected drama from other sources.

There were the preparations at the Staples Center for the upcoming Michael Jackson memorial, which might get a little bit nuts. And there was Mercury leading scorer Diana Taurasi playing her first game since a DUI citation last week in Phoenix. (The legal process has just started; a possible suspension from the league will depend on the situation's resolution.)

Still, the big news of the night was indeed Parker's taking the court again, as she had been out on maternity leave. Her daughter was born May 13, and CP3 lived up to her prediction that she would be back in early July to play her second season in the WNBA.