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Friday, August 28, 2009

Deanna and Katie are sayin', "Did I not TELL you 'We're not dead yet?"

Detroit and Atlanta played what reads to have been a fun game, with the Shock coming out on top, 87-83. With the win, Detroit oozes into fourth in the Eastern Conference (making tonight's Sky/Lib game very interesting).

As Mechelle notes,
Parker stayed home, but the Sparks-Merc game was an entertaining one. Especially if you are a Phoenix fan, as Cappie and her hair (and her 26pts) power her team to a 98-90 win.

Indiana enjoyed the benefits of being home, topping the Silver Stars by 11, and Connecticut enjoyed being on the West coast as much as the Fever did: the lost to Seattle, 86-74.

By the way, Seattle is #3.