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Inane commentary on a game that deserves far better

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Q:
It’s not necessarily original to say that Penicheiro is the epitome of basketball as an art form – creatively drawing upon the resources revealed to her in a situation to make beauty out of a chaotic world. And even in the twilight of her career, in a 103-83 blowout that pushed the Monarchs further into the cellar of the Western Conference, appreciating Penicheiro is almost a mandate for anyone who considers themselves a true fan of the sport.

Forgive the basketball snobbery, but if you can’t recognize the beauty in Penicheiro’s game, it’s time to move on from basketball and find a new sport.
Players like Ticha and Mwadi and Wauters and Maiga-ba make me wish the IOC would consider putting together a "World" team. (And dump golf (GOLF!!!) and reinstate softball).