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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I see how the W is extending a Sept 1 deadline for the Oklahoma folks to get the money to bring a team to Tulsa but here's my concern: are they trying to force grow a plant in unwilling soil?

What kind of work have they done to ensure (a passionate, committed, hungry) interest is actually there for a pro team?

Doesn't sound like it's been a lot. From the article:
“We still have a lot of work to do,” Cameron said. “We’ve come a long way. We’ve made tremendous progress. The biggest obstacle is familiarizing people with the product. There’s a great basis for girls' basketball in the area, but there isn’t as much for the WNBA. People who have seen the excitement with Sherri Coale’s team at Oklahoma can see the potential but again it’s familiarizing them with the product.”
And they're aiming for the 2010 season.

Hello?!?!?! Does this sound like fertile ground begging for a W team? The production stage manager in me says "no way." The logistics, groundwork, planning needed to make a franchise a success don't just happen in eight months. This feels like a rush job.

Which makes me wonder -- why? Is the Donna thinking about expanding to 14 teams? (And if so, could she pick a weak enough draft to do so? Though, of course, the Tulsa Tankers might get first shot at Maya Moore..hmmm.) And if there is no expansion, who's moving? *and yes, I know the Lib are, but even I don't think they'll ask us to commute to Tulsa during the renovations. I hope.*

In the end, I'm glad there's talk -- that's exciting for the W and such, that there's interest. But, like we say at work, don't just say "yes" because someone offers you money. Do a risk assessment first -- and make sure that you're not compromising the quality of your product.

For all the W's struggles, for the all the bad economic news, the cutting of the rosters and the possibility of having only one assistant a team (perhaps No Doz should become a league sponsor?), there have been some exciting things this season -- on the court and in the press. Let's build on that and not find ourselves overreaching and regretting a lack of foresight.