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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Speaking of teams in the playoff hunt: From Q - The Los Angeles Sparks: "Expect Anything"
After the Los Angeles Sparks' 67-66 overtime road win over the Silver Stars last night, San Antonio forward Sophia Young perfectly articulated why this was the one game I was looking forward to seeing all week.

"With LA we expect anything,'' said Young. "It's always going to be a good game. They never blow us out, we never blow them out, and it's always an exciting game for the fans.''

Too bad nobody could see it on WNBA LiveAccess...because there's more than one reason to want to watch the Sparks.
In an earlier post, after NY gave up a 17-pt lead against Connecticut, Q observes that which has been eating at Lib fans hearts all season:
I’m not sure if the Liberty lack talent or lack motivation…but they really don’t seem to care. I’m not even sure you could say they panicked once the Sun started their comeback…it literally looked like they weren’t interested in the outcome.

Body language, facial expressions, hustle…it just wasn’t there..

Instead, they chose to settle for jump shot out of jump shot, slowly shooting themselves out of the game.

It was almost as though they were officially waving the white flag in preparation of heading to an early vacation.

Rebecca at Game Notes of Dooooooom recently compared the Liberty to a waterbug or a giant flying roach – they move from arbitrary action to an untimely death. And that’s sort of what happened, but not entirely.
Welcome to Patty Coyle -- and now Anne Donovan's -- world, built, lest we forget, through the of Blaze.

Which is, I think, what has so many Lib fans cranky. Because, thanks to Blaze's actions, this is the team we've got next year, too.

AND, we might have to go to New Jersey or Long Island or Radio City Music Hall to watch'em. (Waiting for the "what a great opportunity you're going to have" letter to arrive.)

With all that to look forward to, would you want to stick around and coach this crew? Or, perhaps you'd lke to challenge Stanely for the Sparks gig? Or chat with Whiz? Or maybe visit Atlanta and suggest splitting GM/coaching duties?

Sigh. The future's so bright, I've got to wear shades (and no, Michael Dukakis, that is NOT a good thing).