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Friday, September 04, 2009

A couple of stories out of the Sacto Bee: From Jason Jones of the Bee: Powell welcomes chance to spread wealth on offense
Nicole Powell isn't overly concerned with her statistics.

Mention her career-high seven assists in Tuesday's game, and Powell offers tongue-in-cheek disappointment that her career high is only seven assists.

"That is terrible," she said. "That is so sad."

The seven assists represent the latest notch in what will prove to be one of the best offensive seasons in Monarchs history.
From Ailene Voisin: Monarchs' Maiga-Ba having best year at 31
Hamchétou Maïga-Ba is supposed to be too old for this. Too old to emerge as a bona fide Monarchs starter. Too old to enjoy her best WNBA season. Too old to be so durable, her creaky knees, tender ankles and assorted bruises notwithstanding.

Yet the woman known affectionately as "TON-tee," the Monarch with the booming laugh, returned to Arco Arena this season and produced one of the few highlights.