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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

From Ortho Supersite (?!?): Study sheds new light on severe injury (out for three weeks) rates for high school athletes
A recent study on high school athletes indentifies (sic) the rate of severe injuries by sport, gender and injury area, and underscores the need for injury prevention.
From the Tampa Bay High School blog: Among the findings:

  • As one would expect, football accounted for the most severe injuries. After that, wrestling, girls basketball and girls soccer had the highest number of severe injuries.
  • In the sports in which both boys and girls compete in (soccer, basketball, baseball/softball), girls had a higher injury rate than boys.
  • Severe knee injuries were the most prevalent (30 percent), following by ankle (12.3) and shoulder (10.9) injuries.
  • Another item of note, five percent of all severe injuries were a result of "illegal player activity," like tripping or spear tackling.