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Friday, September 11, 2009

It's nearing the end-o-year award time when the 13 or so national media peeps who cover the league vote on who they think deserves recognition.

Mechelle reveals her picks and writes about her decisions:
A sad but true story: Last year, I was in a hotel room somewhere and went over to the thermostat to put it on 72 degrees.

Then I had second thoughts. I put it on 73 … then 72 again … then back to 73. I wondered if 72 was really better. Sure it was. I walked away. However … maybe 73 really was best. OK, 73. No, let's try 72 again. But …
And then I realized that I had just spent several minutes debating one degree of difference in a room's temperature. Which brings me to the WNBA regular season awards this year, for which I am one of the media voters
And keep an eye on her personal blog for more of her thoughts.