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Monday, September 07, 2009

Lesson learned: Read the entire article before you get cranky about language.

The crankifying language? From Mark at the LA Times: Sparks' Candace Parker keeps the balls in the air
The WNBA superstar and reigning most valuable player has to watch the clock these days as she does the impossible: balance her career with being a new mom.
Don't mind my knee-jerk reactions, in no particular order:
"It ain't impossible, it's just hard as sh*t."
"Is every woman who has a job and work a miracle worker?"
"Are we saying real women just have babies, not jobs?
"Mark, are you doing the impossible or do you have someone who stays home all day?"
"When does it get easier, when you're an old mom?"
Etc., etc., etc.

Anyhoo - after my mental rant, it's a rather niece piece that focuses on the physical (and yes, logistical) challenges of getting back onto the court.