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Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Lib are Number 1!!!!

That is, with their loss in overtime to the Sun, the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs.

While I'm sure Minnesota fans are thinking "Tank! Tank! Tank!" Lib fans are wondering what the future holds:
  • Where will the team play next year if the renovations go forward?
  • What will it take for the Liberty management to understand how woefully out of touch they are with their season subscribers?
  • Are the Lib interested in keeping coach Donovan? (Patty was fired after a 6-11 start, Anne, with three games to coach is 6-8
  • Does the courtside presence of owner Dolan (looking as if his mom made him come) have any significance?
  • How can the team move forward since, because of Blaze's trade for Spencer, we have no #1 pick next year?
  • Will Anne Donovan stick around as head coach if she has no GM power?
  • Will she stick around knowing this Jeckyl and Hyde crew is who she has to work with?