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Monday, September 07, 2009

Okay, so where are we on this Labor Day weekend.

Well, Detroit (16-15), with its 84-73 victory over Chicago, is above .500 for the first time since forever. With Katie still out, and Big Syl hurting, it was Deanna "Iron Woman" time (with bench back up from Braxton and Zellous). In the parity party that is this season, that puts the Shock in 3rd in the East, a half game behind Atlanta, with three teams - Sky, Sun, 'stics - at 15-17.

Since Indy ended their mini-yet-extended-swan dive (and KD was back) with a 72-61 win over the semi-swan-diving Mystics, we still don't know who will have the number one seed throughout the playoffs. But, we do that the Phoenix victory over the Dream on Saturday helped the Merc clinch the top seed in the West (and add to the ROY intrigue).

Vickie "Wait, I'm retiring? Let me drop 27 in celebration" Johnson helped add to the intrigue in the West as San Antonio stomped LA, 89-72. The win puts SASS in 4th (with a lovely 14-17 record) and LA in 3rd (15-16). Minny (who grabbed a win over Seattle) is lurking in 5th (13-18).

I'd try to highlight key upcoming games, but top to bottom (of those in the race) they're all key. The questions will surround the spoilers (hello NY and Sacto) and what role they want to play.

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bump-bumpy night!